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* This website contains Minnesota Rules in the following areas:

  • Minnesota Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure
  • Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • Minnesota Rules of Evidence
  • Minnesota Rules of Juvenile Procedure
  • Minnesota Rules for Guardian Ad Litem Procedure
  • Minnesota Rules of Juvenile Protection Procedure
  • Minnesota Rules of Adoption Procedure
  • Minnesota General Rules of Practice, which includes:
    • Title I. Rules Applicable to All Court Proceedings
    • Title II. Rules Governing Civil Actions
    • Title III. Registration of Land Titles
    • Title IV. Rules of Family Court Procedure
    • Title V. Probate Rules
    • Title VI. Conciliation Court Rules
    • Title VII. Housing Court Rules - Hennepin and Ramsey Counties
    • Title VIII. Rules Relating to Criminal Matters
    • Title IX. Jury Management Rules
    • Title X. Rules of Guardian Ad Litem Procedure